Stars and Planets Lunch and Talks (every Monday)

We meet weekly to talk about stars & planets, both ours and others. (When Monday is a holiday, we meet on Tuesdays.)

IfA email alias: splat "at" the_usual_ifa_domain

Current format (version 4.1):

* Research talk = a "semi-informal" talk about what you have been doing lately. Since it's work in progress, it's expected that multiple sessions in a row will involve the same topic, esp. for students. Also, you should include one slide called "Something I Don't Understand" to share (at least) one problem, obstacle, etc. that you have run into, and perhaps not solved yet. Finally, for research that is discovery-oriented, everyone in the audience should remember to be appropriately mindful about (not) broadcasting stuff that is still cooking.

* MIPOW = Most Important Paper of the Week (presumably from astro-ph but not necessarily). Please circulate by Friday midday so everyone can read it before the meeting. Also, be sure to include one slide called "Why This is the MIPOW" in your presentation. A potential list of papers is here but feel free to choose from elsewhere too. If you are seeking suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask.

2013 Calendar: Summer/Fall - SPLAT (version 5.0)
Mondays, 12 pm, unless otherwise noted

Moved to:

2013 Calendar: Spring/Summer
Mondays, 1 pm, unless otherwise noted

Apr 8: Andrew H. (MIPOW = Gene)
Apr 15: Andrew M. (MIPOW = Jessica)
Apr 22: B.J. (MIPOW = Katelyn)
Apr 29: Brendan (MIPOW = Kimberly)
May 6: Eric (MIPOW = Michael K.)
May 13: Kimberly (MIPOW = Michael L.)
May 20: Gene (MIPOW = B.J.)
May 28 (TUESDAY): Will (MIPOW = Andrew H.)
June 3: Katelyn (MIPOW = Andrew M.)
June 11 (TUESDAY): Evan (MIPOW = Will)
June 17: Michael L. (MIPOW = Brendan)
June 24: Jessica (MIPOW = Evan)
July 1: Michael K. (MIPOW = Eric)
July 8: One-Plot Lunch (collector = Brendan, winners = Evan, Eric, Erik & Jessica)

2012/2013 Calendar: Winter

Dec 3: Andrew M. (MIPOW - postponed)
Dec 11 (TUESDAY): Andrew H. (MIPOW = Gene)
Dec 17 - Jan 7: NO MEETINGS (winter break + AAS)
Jan 14: B.J. (MIPOW = Kimberly)
Jan 22 (TUESDAY): Brendan (MIPOW = Michael K.) (slight overlap with Konidaris grad student lunch)
Jan 28: Dani (MIPOW = Jessica)
Feb 4: Evan (MIPOW = Will)
Feb 11: Eric (MIPOW = Andrew H.)
Feb 19 (TUESDAY, 115 pm start): Gene (MIPOW = Andrew M.)
Feb 25 (115 pm start): Will (MIPOW = B.J.)
Mar 4 (115 pm start): Kimberly (MIPOW = Brendan)
Mar 11: Michael K. (MIPOW = Eric)
Mar 19: (TUESDAY, 1 pm) Thierry Forveille (MIPOW = Evan)
Mar 25: Jessica (MIPOW = Mike L.)
Apr 2 (TUESDAY): One-Plot Lunch (collector = Evan, winner = BJ)

2012 Calendar: Fall
Aug 20: Andy M. (MIPOW = Mike L.)
Aug 27: Brendan (MIPOW = Jessica)
Sep 4 (TUESDAY, 1130 am): B.J. (MIPOW = Kimberly)
Sep 10: Andrew H. (MIPOW = Michael K.)
Sep 17: Eric (MIPOW = Gene)
Sep 25 (TUESDAY, 1130am): Evan (MIPOW = Will)
Oct 1: NO MEETING - UH proposal deadline
Oct 8: NO MEETING - special seminar by Ian Crossfield
Oct 15: Kimberly (MIPOW = Andrew H.)
Oct 22: Jessica (MIPOW = Andrew M.)
Oct 29: Michael K. (MIPOW = Brendan)
Nov 5: Will (MIPOW = Eric)
Nov 13 (TUESDAY, 1130 am): Mike L. (MIPOW = Evan)
Nov 19: Gene (MIPOW = B.J.)
Nov 26: One-Plot Lunch (collector = Michael K.)

2012 Calendar (version 4.0): Spring/Summer
Apr 9: reboot
Apr 23: Adam (MIPOTW = Mike)
Apr 30: Andy (MIPOTW = Will)
May 7: Brendan (MIPOTW = Kimberly)
May 14: Eric (MIPOTW = Zahed)
May 29 (*Tuesday*): Gene (MIPOTW = Adam)
June 4: Jessica (MIPOTW = Brendan)
June 18: Will (MIPOTW = Eric)
June 25: NO MEETING [Cool Stars]
July 2: Mike (MIPOTW = Gene)
July 9: Zahed (MIPOTW = Andy)
July 16: Kimberly (MIPOTW = Jessica)
July 23: One-Plot Lunch (collector = Will, winner = Gene)

2011 Calendar: Fall

Oct 10 (Monday, off cycle): One Plot Lunch (collector = Kimberly, winner = Brendan)
Oct 24 (Monday, off cycle): Brendan, Jessica
Nov 7: Gene, Kimberly
Nov 21: Zahed, Eric N
Dec 5: Eric H, Adam
Jan 17 (TUESDAY): Mike, Will

2011 Calendar: Summer/Fall

July 5 (TUESDAY): One Plot Lunch (colllector = Mark, winner = Brendan)
July 18: Brendan
Aug 1: Niall, Kimberly
Aug 15: Thierry
Sep 6 (TUESDAY): Zahed, Eric
Sep 19: Adam, Mike

2011 Calendar: Spring

Feb 7: One Plot Lunch
Feb 22 (TUESDAY): Brendan, Adam
Mar 7: Roger, Mark
Mar 21: Niall, Gene
Apr 4: Mike
Apr 18: NO LUNCH
May 2: Zahed, Kimberly

2010 Calendar: Fall

Oct 4: Lunch talk by Szymon Gladysz (ESO)
Oct 18: Brendan, Mark
Nov 1: Roger, Adam
Nov 15: Niall, Gene
Dec 6: Zahed, Kimberly

2010 Calendar: Summer

June 7: Adam, Mark
June 21: Zahed, Trent
July 6 (TUESDAY): Brendan, Beth
July 26 (4th Monday): Niall, Gene
Aug 9 (2nd Monday): Mike, Will
Aug 23 (4th Monday): One Plot Lunch
Sept 8 (WEDNESDAY): Cool Stars 16 post-mortem

2010 Calendar: Spring

Jan 19 (TUESDAY): AAS meeting recap
Feb 1: Adam, Mark
Feb 16 (TUESDAY): Zahed, Trent
Mar 1: Brendan, Beth
Mar 17: Niall, Gene
Apr 5: Mike
Apr 19: One Plot Lunch

2009 Calendar: Summer/Fall (version 3.0) - Decadal Survey white papers

Aug 17:
Sep 8 (TUESDAY):
  • Beth: Kasting et al paper on search for life
  • Trent: Deming et al paper on super-Earth transit science
Sep 21: Chris, Zahed
  • Chris: Shao et al. paper on Astrometric Detection of Earthlike Planets
  • Zahed: Greene et al paper on Discovering and Characterizing the Planetary Systems of Nearby Stars
Oct 5: Mark, Adam
Oct 19: Niall, Brendan
  • Niall: Calzetti et al, Mass function
  • Brendan: Cruz et al, field brown dwarfs
Nov 2: Lucas, Gene
  • Gene on Cohen et al paper on halo stars

Here are the guidelines for the Dedacal Survey paper discussions:
1. Choose a *science* white paper from the list on the National Academy web site available at // (Do not select from the technology/policy/etc lists available elsewhere, though some of them would make interesting reading in your spare time.)

2. Provide a modest (~20 min) review & critical assessment of the topic: background, history, goals, key questions, scope, recommendations, positives, negatives, commentary, etc. Feel free to draw info & figures from elsewhere to make your points.

3. You're encouraged to avoid choosing papers on which you're an author (to avoid intellectual myopia) but it's up to you. Please choose your paper carefully - there is a wide range in quality, scope, focus & (especially) fluffiness. Not all of them are suitable for an interesting & illuminating group discussion.

4. No repeat presentations on the same white paper.

2008 Calendar: Fall/Winter/Spring09

Oct 20: One-Plot Lunch
Nov 10: Mike C.
Nov 25 (TUESDAY): JohnJohn, Chris
Dec 8: Trent, Eric Nielsen
Jan 5: no meeting (AAS + holidays)
Jan 20 (TUESDAY): Brendan, Gene
Feb 3 (TUESDAY): Mark
Feb 17 (TUESDAY): Beth
March 2: Katelyn, Zahed
March 23 (OFF-SCHEDULE): Mike L., Lucas
April 6: One-Plot Lunch
April 20: no meeting

2008 Calendar: Summer

June 16: One-Plot Lunch
July 7: Mike C., Katelyn
July 21: no meeting b/c of Cool Stars 15
Aug 4: JohnJohn, Geoff
Aug 18: Trent, Beth
Sept 2 (TUESDAY): Mark, Mike L.
Sep 15: Brendan, Gene
Oct 6: Zahed, Lucas

2008 Calendar: Spring

Feb 4: Mike (FGKM spectral library), Mike (T dwarf binaries)
Feb 19 (TUESDAY): One-Plot Lunch
Mar 3: JohnJohn, Geoff
Mar 17: Trent, Thierry
Apr 7: Mark, Beth
Apr 21: Brendan, Gene
May 5: Zahed, Evgenya
May 19: Lucas, Katelyn

2007 Calendar (version 2.0)

Sept 17: Cushing (L & T atmospheric fitting)
Oct 1: Forveille (CFHT BD search), Liu (PS-1 brown dwarf science)
Oct 17: (1) Shkolnik (SB4), (2) Rayner (Spex upgrade)
Nov 5: no meeting
Nov 19: (1) Katelyn (young BD spectra + disks), (2) JohnJohn (RV planets)
Dec 3: (1) Geoff (rho Oph young BD disk search), (2) Mark (Taurus pm search)
Dec 17: (1) Zahed, (2) Trent
Jan 7: no meeting (AAS)
Jan 21: Beth & Brendan

2007 Calendar (version 1.0)

Jan 8: N/A
Feb 5: Mark
Mar 5: Katelyn
Apr 9: Trent (Lissauer 2007 /0703576)
May 7: Zahed
Jun 4: ---
July 2: Mike
Aug 6: Geoff

Rules for One-Plot Lunch

- Everyone presents 1 plot from a relatively recent paper/preprint (not your own work nor a previous MIPOW). If you're looking for ideas, an incomplete list of various recent papers resides at, or feel free to ask around.

- Please send your plot to the designated organizer, including key paper info (lead author & title) on your slide.

- Each person will give a <=4 minute explanation of the plot and the science behind it, with some brief additional time for questions.

- At the end, we'll vote on the "best" plot, as judged by our unspecified sense of most interesting/impactful science and accompanying presentation.

List of Possible Papers: OBSOLETE

'''''This a *random* collection, not intend to be complete nor comprehensive. Caveat emptor!'''''

Pre-main sequence stellar models
  1. Updated Pisa pre-MS models (Tognelli et al 2011):

Brown dwarf models
  1. Influence of magnetic fields on evolution of BD binaries

Properties of star-forming regions
  1. Distance to the Orion Nebula
    1. Jeffries 2007, MNRAS; Distance to Orion Nebula Cluster from rotation of PMS stars (
    2. Parallax from flaring radio source: Sandstrom et al
Metallicities of WTTS: D. J. James, C. Melo, N. C. Santos and J. Bouvier A&A 446 (2006) 971-983 (
  1. "Star Formation in Molecular Clouds?" by N. Evans
  2. age spreads: (Hillenbrand et al 2006, conf proc)
  3. metallicities: Santos et al, A&A 480 (2008) 889-897 (

Proper motion studies
  1. Mamajek et al 2006 (astro-ph, conf proc)
  2. Mamajek 2005, distance to 2M 1207
  3. recent papers on ejected stars in Taurus & Orion ...
  4. Ducourant et al 2005
  5. Bertout & ?? 2006, astro-ph: distance to Taurus from proper motions

Disks: IR emission
Apai et al 2006, Science - minerology of BD disks
Dullemond, Apai & xxx 2006 (crystalline formation)
various other recent Spitzer stuff
Scholz et al 2007: Spitzer measurements of young BDs in Upper Sco (

ApJS results from COUP (Chandra Orion Ultradeep Project)
Xray emission from young low-mass stars
Feigelson et al, PPV review article

Atmospheric chemistry in BDs
review by Lodders & Fegley, astro-ph/0601381
Helling, Thi et al 2006, spectral features from non-equilibrium dust
Freedman, Marley & Lodders: opacities for ultracool atm

Reiners et al 2007, High Resolution optical spectra of 3 L dwarfs and 1 T dwarf, A&A

narrow-field astrometry: Lazorenko & Lazorenko, astro-ph/0512524
Teff and bol corrections from 2MASS phot: Masana et al, astro-ph
Empirical UBVRIJHK color-Teff calibration for stars: Worthey & Lee, astro-ph
1% photmetric calibration (Stubbs & Tonry, astro-ph)
SDSS "uber-calibration" (Padmanabhan et al 2008):
Calibrated griz Magnitudes of Tycho Stars: All-Sky Photometric Calibration Using Bright Stars: Ofek et al 2008, PASP

New results on resolving the temperature of Vega's surface
Cleaning the USNO-B of artifacts via computer vision:
Improvements to Hipparcos distances:
Transformations between 2MASS, SDSS and BVRI photometric systems:
Mid/Far-IR SED calibration with MARCS models: Decin & Eriksson 2007, A&A/astro-ph
Composition & rotation: Yoon et al 2008,

Mass-luminosity relation for field M's
Bonfils et al 2005 (metal-rich M's)
Delfosse et al 1999 (eclipsing M dwarf)
Berger et al 2006, astro-ph (CHARA)
Lopez-Morales & Ribas 2005 (eclipsing M)
Creevey et al 2005 (eclipsing M from TrES project)
Maceroni & Montalban 2004 (eclipsing M)
Torres & Ribas 2002 (YY Gem)
Lane et al 2001 (K3-M4 stars from interferometry)
Ribas et al 2007, conf proc: Fundamental properties of low-mass stars (

Mass determinations: PMS
Hillenbrand & White 200x
Palla & Stahler 2001

Mass determinations: spectrophotometric
Mohanty et al 200x (2 papers)

Star/BD identification in photometric wide-field surveys
Hewett et al 2006, UKIDSS
Finlater et al 2000, SDSS + 2MASS
Covey et al 2007: SDSS + 2MASS stellar locus, including N-dimensional color space analsys

M Dwarf Planets
Gillon et al 2007: Neptune transiting an M dwarf (
Bonfils et al 2007: 2nd newest system, planet-metallicity relation (
Johnson et al 2007: Jovian planet(s) orbiting GL 317, planet-stellar mass relation (
Bower et al 2007: Astrometric Planet Detection using VLBA on Active M Dwarfs (

Planet detection
Rattenbury 2006, astro-ph, review for Modern Physics Letters A

Fitting CMDs and determining ages
Naylor & Jeffries 2006, astro-ph
Mayne et al 2006, astro-ph/0612090
Hernandez & Valls-Gabaud 2008, astro-ph/0801.1081 (modeling/fitting of isochrones)
Converse & Stahler 2008, astro-ph/0801.1329, The Distribution of Stellar Mass in the Pleiades

M dwarf flares from Galex
Welsh et al 2006, astro-ph/0605328

Oddities and/or newsworthy
BD engulfed by a red giant: Maxted et al 2006, astro-ph (Nature)
Rossiter-McLaughlin effect measured for very massive, highly eccentric hot Jupiter (HAT-P-2b): and

AB Dor C
Close et al 2005 (Nature)
Luhman & Potter 2006
Luhman, Stauffer, Mamajek 2006
Thatte et al 2007: IFU spectroscopy methods (
Close et al 2007: new mass & age determination (

Planet Formation
Greaves et al 2007: predicting the frequency of diverse exoplanet systems (
Kennedy & Kenyon 2007: Planet formation around stars of various masses (

Stellar ages
Barnes 2007, Ages for illustrative field stars using gyrochronology (
Jeffries et al 2006, MNRAS, An XMM–Newton observation of the young open cluster NGC 2547: Coronal activity at 30 Myr

Metallicity Determinations
Gebran & Monier 2008, Chemical composition of A and F dwarfs members of the Pleiades open cluster (

Planets and Debris Disks
Martin et al 2007: migration of planets to large radii (